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Company profile

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Jiangsu JINNI is a joint-stock enterprise established on the basis of haimen papermaking blanket factory and jiangsu jinni group co., LTD. Founded in 1986, after more than 20 years of struggle, it has become a large-scale, advanced equipment and strong r&d enterprise in the domestic papermaking forming network industry. There are 417 employees, including 141 technicians. The registered capital of the company is 89.4635 million yuan and the assets exceed 300 million yuan. At present, it has established jiangsu paper dehydration equipment engineering research center, national postdoctoral workstation, jiangsu graduate workstation and jiangsu academician workstation. It is recognized as the national high-tech enterprise, the national intellectual property rights demonstration enterprise, the Chinese patent outstanding enterprise, the provincial innovative enterprise, the provincial intellectual property management standardization demonstration unit, the provincial contract and trustworthy enterprise, the credit rating AAA. The company is the main drafting unit of GB/ t24290-2009 forming network for papermaking, drying network measurement method, GB/26454-2011 single-layer forming network for papermaking, and GB/ t26455-2011 multi-layer forming network for papermaking. In recent years, the company has undertaken a number of national and provincial projects, such as the ministry of science and technology's national torch program project, the national spark program project, jiangsu province achievement transformation project, etc., currently has 46 valid patents, including 12 invention patents.


Since its establishment, Jiangsu JINNI has always adhered to the market-oriented, technological innovation as the leading, to management efficiency, adhere to the principle of quality first, service in place, the company's products are industrial textiles, light industry textile industry. All the time, the company attaches great importance to quality management, has passed iso9001-2008 certification. Strictly implement the quality policy of "pioneering and innovation, lean production, sincere service and benefits for all", and demonstrate the company's quality management ability to customers through the form of third-party certification to ensure the quality and stability of products.


Jiangsu JINNI has been mainly engaged in the technical research and production of papermaking blankets, papermaking polyester forming nets and dry nets for many years, and has the annual production capacity of 280,000 square meters of high-quality forming nets and 120 tons of papermaking blankets. The company has developed more than 20 series of more than 100 varieties such as high chemical fiber needling blanket, full chemical fiber needling blanket, composite bottom mesh blanket, high speed wide width polyester forming net, high-grade double warp flat wire dry net, which not only sell well in domestic provinces, but also export to Korea, Indonesia and other countries. A number of products of the company was awarded the national key new products, national torch plan project, national spark plan project, the second and third prize of the China textile industry association science and technology prize, Chinese patent award for excellence award, in 2012 won the third prize of the jiangsu province science and technology prize, high-tech products in jiangsu province, in 2010 attains the province independent innovation products, outstanding new products in jiangsu province gold prize, etc.


Jiangsu JINNI Main production, technical, after-sales service personnel have more than a few decades of experience, so as to ensure the quality of the forming network products and the successful use of high-speed paper machine, such as the domestic large paper group nine dragons, liwen, rongcheng, jian, APP, sun, chenming, nan paper, etc. Within 1500 meters of culture paper speed twin wire paper machine, packing paper 1200 meters speed folding paper machine, toilet paper, 1400 m speed paper machine and high-grade special paper and other kinds of paper machine, paper are successfully used in the forming of gold? Company production network, gold company would then become the in these markets to compete with foreign counterparts in forming production enterprises.

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