GM's Speech

“Make Improvement, Gain Outstanding Achievements”. Excellent enterprises will obtain a larger space for development during the sustained and in-depth industrial adjustment. Reviewing the last year, we made achievements in all ways. We deeply know that our achievements cannot be separated from common efforts of all the staff. Here, I, on the behalf of all the members in the board of directors, would like to express my most heartfelt gratitude to colleagues!
Our development is inseparable from the individuals! We have insisted on the human-based management and strengthened three ways including the training learning, effective communication and team cooperation. We have correctly dealt with three relations, namely the initiative and passiveness, the whole and individual, and pragmaticism and discussion. We believe that the success depends on previous preparations, while hard work determines achievements. We know appreciation and cherishing, importance of principle, a clear distinction between black and white and importance of self effort. Besides, we have mastered the ways of self pressurization, self finding of driving force and self adjustment, developed good habits and made a little progress every day. We will never give up!
In the face of more opportunities and challenges in 2011, we hope that you continue to support our development!

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